We need your help in locating, documenting, and preserving outstanding trees in Maryland. If you know of a potential Champion Tree, please bring it to our attention by completing out a nomination and permission form.



  • Nominate via USPS by sending copies of the Nomination Form and Permission Form to PO Box 328, North East, MD 21901


Helpful Tips to Filling Out the Nomination Form


  • Any tree can be nominated whether you own it or not, or if it is on public lands.


  • Please include tree address and your mailing address.


  • If using a corporate or family name, please indicate that name. 


  • Provide some idea of the location of the tree. GPS is helpful but not required.


  • It is helpful if you can include a circumference measurement at 4’ 6” above the ground. This is not required. Use best guess for height and spread or leave blank the measuring data.


  • If possible, remove any undergrowth which will help us get better access to the trunk for circumference measuring.


For questions about either the Nomination or the Permission form contact us at mdbigtreeprogram@aol.com.

(This is a free service provided by the volunteers of the Association of Forest Conservancy District Boards.)

Nomination Form
Permission Form
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