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Maryland Association of Forest Conservancy District Boards

Maryland is fortunate to have a network of individuals who serve voluntarily on Forestry Boards as advocates for our forests in partnership with their parent agency, the Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources – Forest Service. Commonly referred to as Forestry Boards, the Forest Conservancy District Boards function in all jurisdictions— 23 Maryland Counties and Baltimore City. The 24 boards are joined in a State Association of Forest Conservancy District Boards. Please visit the Association website to learn about the important work being done to help promote the preservation and sustainable management of Maryland’s forests.


Maryland Department of Natural Resources – Forest Service

Since 1996, the mission of the Maryland Forest Service has been to conserve and enhance the quality, quantity, productivity and biological diversity of the forest and tree resources of Maryland. To that end, the Forest Service restores, manages, and protects Maryland’s trees, forests, and forested ecosystems through a wide range of activities and programs.

Maryland Forests Association, INC.

Maryland Forests Association, Inc. (MFA), is Maryland's voice for forest, wildlife, and natural resource management.  The MFA website is a tool to learn about Maryland's issues concerning forest resources, forest land ownership, forest management, and the forest products industry. 


The State of Maryland's TREE-MENDOUS program provides high-quality, native trees and shrubs available at reasonable prices for plantings on public lands. The trees may be planted in places such as community open spaces, school grounds, government facilities, and rights-of-way. They may not be planted at private residences.


Natural Resources Careers Camp

High school students from across Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic have the opportunity to explore careers and college studies in natural resources at this week-long camp in Garrett County, Maryland. The Maryland Forestry Boards have partnered with Allegany College of Maryland and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources-Forest Service to offer high school students a co-educational opportunity to learn from industry professionals and develop contacts that could lead to future employment and a career in natural resources.



Maryland Urban and Community Forest Committee

The Maryland Urban and Community Forest Committee (MUCFC) is a volunteer group of citizens, professionals, and government officials united to protect and enhance Maryland’s forest ecosystems. MUCFC is a sub-committee of the Maryland Association of Forest Conservancy District Boards. The primary functions of the Committee are to promote and coordinate the Maryland Community PLANT Award Program that officially recognizes communities planting and caring for trees, and to administer Grants to schools and communities through their local Forestry Boards that promote planting and care of trees.



Alliance for the Bay

Founded in 1971, the Alliance is a regional, non-profit conservation organization whose mission is to restore the Chesapeake Bay through collaborative engagement with all the communities that work and live in the Bay watershed.



LandServer is a web-based tool that provides farmers and woodland owners with a quick and easy natural resource assessment, generating a conservation report specific to the landowner’s property. LandServer also evaluates the ecosystem services that your land provides and helps determine your eligibility for payments for ecosystems services and other conservation funding opportunities.

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